E3 2018: FIFA 19 Shown Off, Coming to All Current-Gen Consoles

As is often the case with EA and their many sports licenses, FIFA 19 used the grand stage of E3 to show off the latest iteration in the popular soccer, as well as none other than the UEFA Champions League trophy itself. Said league one of the objectively new features present in this year’s iteration which will now be integrated into the game’s many modes.

What’s more, the series’ now-established The Journey story mode will make a return, following its inclusion in 17 and 18 respectively with main character Alex Hunter now taking part in the licensed Champions League during his story. And while EA made a separate press release for said iteration last year, the game was confirmed to once again be releasing on Nintendo Switch when it launches on September 28. FIFA 19 will also release across PS4, Xbox One & PC as well. Check out the game’s reveal trailer below.