E3 2018: Devolver Remastering From Software’s Magnum Opus, Metal Wolf Chaos

Devolver Digital had another epic/insane E3 press conference this year, and brought along some new gameplay trailers this time. The icing on the cake, though – well, besides the majesty of lootboxcoin – was their final announcement: That they would be teaming up with developers General Arcade to release Metal Wolf Chaos XD, a remastered version of the 2004 Xbox classic that can only be described as the most epic game that From Software has ever created, as seen in the teaser below.

That may seem like a bold statement to some, but answer this: Do Dark Souls or Bloodborne feature the President of the United States in a giant mech suit, fighting an evil, treacherous vice president in order to bring freedom to the USA? No? Then those aren’t From Software’s most epic creations. Metal Wolf Chaos was never released in the West (ironically), and now it’s coming here with upgraded visual improved controls, and the same classic voice acting, thankfully. Metal Wolf Chaos XD is coming out for PC, XB1, and PS4 this year, and damn straight we’re excited for it.