E3 2018: Kingdom Hearts 3 Suffers One More Delay, Releasing Early 2019

In the wise words of Jeff Goldblum: “well there it is”. After nearly five years since it was officially unveiled at Sony’s E3 press conference in 2013 — and after many years of rumor and suggestion as to when it will eventually be coming out — Square Enix have finally given us a release date for the highly-anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3. And while the game was once again promised to be coming out this year, in 2018, during the recent 2018 Kingdom Hearts Orchestra Tour, it was confirmed that the game will officially be out on PS4 & Xbox One on January 29 next year with Japan getting the game a few days earlier on January 25.

“We’ve announced the release day for Kingdom Hearts 3 ahead of E3 at the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour. I’m sorry that we’re asking for a little more time than initially planned.” Director Tetsuya Nomura explained. “Please look forward to other information, including a few trailers at E3. Thank you.”