E3 2018: Mooncrash DLC Announced for Prey, Available Now

It’s no real secret that the folks at Arkane Studios have been working on some additional story DLC for last year’s Prey. The developer has been dropping a couple of brief snippets and teasers here and there on social media, indicating that something additional was coming. Well Bethesda have finally lifted the lid on Morgan Yu’s lunar ventures in what’s been titled Prey: Mooncrash…and then they spilled the whole jar open by announcing that the DLC was available now, and we should all enjoy.

Set on a moon base, the game so far gives you one goal: Escape the moon. With a few dozen alien monsters in your way. Although the clip shown suggests something more sinister in the background. Oh, and gameplay is more arcade in nature this time around, with enemies different each time around and different charges with each game. With this DLC comes New Game+ and Survival Mode add-ons for the mian game as well, with an asymmetrical PVP Typhon Hunter DLC also announced for this Summer. Check out a trailer for Prey: Mooncrash below, then head out to play it on PC, PS4, and XB1.