E3 2018: My Friend Pedro Goes Bananas in New Trailer

If you’re an avid fan of Screenshot Saturday – either here or on another site (but preferably here) – then odds are that you may be familiar with My Friend Pedro. The stylish 2D action-platformer has been a mainstay of weekends for the longest time until recently, when they had to take a break from the frequent updates via GIFs. However, they came back with a vengeance at Devolver’s E3 press conference this year, with a spiffy new trailer that you can check out below.

Playing as a masked hitman, the game sees you killing off vicious criminals in the underworld through the use of some rather insane stunts involving the likes of frying pans, skateboards, motorcyles, and anything else you can incorporate into action sequences that would make John Woo blush, as seen in the clip. Oh, and you’re also taking orders from a talking banana, because of course. My Friend Pedro is due out in 2019 for the PC and Switch, and should definitely be one to keep an eye out for.