E3 2018: NieR: Automata Coming to Xbox One

Square Enix’s main E3 press conference is still around 24 hours away, but we’ve already gotten two fairly major announcements from the publisher as of late — the first being Kingdom Hearts 3’s finalised release date of course. Now though, they’ve announced that the critically-acclaimed (and 2017 Game of the Year winner from ourselves) NieR: Automata will be coming to Xbox One. What’s more, Xbox players won’t have to wait long as the game will be out later this month, June 26 to be precise.

The “Become as Gods” Edition as it’s described, a digital-only version too, will also come bundled with the 3C3C1D119440927 DLC, alongside the additional skins for your trustee Pod unit: the Grimoire Weiss Pod, Retro Red Pod skin, Retro Grey Pod skin, Cardboard Pod skin as well as the Machine Lifeform Mask accessory.

NieR: Automata has proven to be as much a commercial success as well as a critical one having recently passed the three million mark in terms of units shipped and no doubt that number will increase come the end of June. And don’t forget that Square Enix’s E3 press conference kicks off on Monday, 10am Pacific and 1pm Eastern.