E3 2018: Play Fallout 76 With Friends This November

Todd Howard finally gave Fallout fans the details they’ve been waiting for tonight at the Bethesda E3 press briefing. According to Howard, the game can be enjoyed as a solo experience, but it’s at its best as a cooperative experience with friends. Regarding the game’s survival elements, Howard stated that Fallout 76 is a “softcore” survival experience rather than the hardcore survival game fans have been speculating it would be. So while resource gathering is going to be important, it doesn’t seem to be all-encompassing. Some of what was on display can be seen below:

The most interesting mechanic Howard describes in the briefing is the ability of players and player factions to gain access to nuclear missiles and use them against their rivals. Using these bombs also appears to create opportunities to gather rare resources and materials. Finally, the release date for Fallout 76 was finally announced to be November 14, 2018.