E3 2018: SCUM Prepares for Early Access Release With New Trailer

A couple of months ago when we previewed SCUM, we noted that it seemed like an odd game for Devolver Digital to publish, since on the surface, it didn’t seem very…well, Devolver-ish. An open-world survival game with competitive play seemed almost a bit too sane for them. Sure, as we mentioned then, the gameplay took customization and survival aspects up to eleven, but the aesthetics still seemed a tad…safe. And then the new trailer for the game debuted at Devolver’s E3 press conference, and suddenly it all made sense.

Let’s see, killer game show with death row inmates? Check. Bullets with little faces on them? Check. A blood-soaked fat man about to be mauled by someone in a bear suit? Check. A giant robot named Mr. Smiles? Check, check, and double check, as seen in the clip below. Indeed, it looks like Croteam and Gamepires aren’t toning down the more insane elements anytime soon, thankfully. SCUM is due out on Early Access for PC this August, so make sure to stay tuned for it.