E3 2018: Babylon’s Fall Coming in 2019 From Platinum Games

Rumor had it earlier this year that Platinum Games would be releasing some new IPs later on in 2018, preferably ones that are self-published. Well, we haven’t seen a self-published one yet, but we did get a nice surprise appearance from a new IP at Square Enix’s E3 2018 press conference that Platinum would be working on, Babylon’s Fall, whose announcement you can view in the trailer below.

As you can see, not much is known about the game right now, instead focusing on the timeline leading up to this world’s events. And as the title suggests, there will be quite a few apocalyptic events, exemplified by the massive boss-like create at the end. Babylon’s Fall is due out in 2019 for PC and PS4, and we’ll keep you updated with more details on it as they come.