E3 2018: Building A Massive Factory(o) in Satisfactory Reveal Trailer

All that unspoiled nature is lovely but what real practical purpose does it serve?  All those resources just sitting there under beautiful clear skies supporting a verdant world of green could serve a greater cause, supplying FICSIT Incorporated with the necessary bits and pieces to contribute to the all-important Project Assembly.  And what does Project Assembly do?  It’s so very important that all details are hush-hush top-secret, so don’t be getting nosy.  The point is that you can transform a planet into a resource machine, starting from nothing and building, automating, and expanding until it’s producing the requested components in quantities beyond imagining.  At least until the part of the planet you’ve got access to is strip-mined, that is.

Satisfactory is basically a first-person Factorio, set on an unspoiled section of a hand-built world where you and up to three other friends work to mine and automate every last inch of available terrain until Project Assembly is complete.  It’s Coffee Stain Studios’ next project after Goat Simulator and its dozens of DLCs, a more serious effort but still with a strong sense of humor to go with its ecological devastation.  It’s been in the works for about two and a half years so far, and while the closed alpha signups have been live on the web site for a while there’s still a chance to toss your hat into the ring at the bottom of the web site.  In the meantime, check out the trailer below to see all the first-person automated factory action in motion.