E3 2018: Hunt: Showdown Shows Off New Content in New Trailer

Crytek’s new competitive first-person shooter Hunt: Showdown has been a bit of a success for them, but like with most Early Access titles and games from this genre, there’s always a steady flow of new content leading up to the game’s official release. And earlier today at the PC Gaming Show, a new trailer was unveiled that showcased a few new weapons that players can expect to be added to the game quite soon.

As seen in the clip below, the new weapons include a vintage crossbow, throwing knives, a smaller hand-sized crossbow, and a sticky bomb, all of which will come in handy when fending off the numerous monsters lurking in 1920s Louisiana…including the brand new Water Devil shown at the end, which should provide a rather agonizing death for those not taking precautions when crossing bayous or swamps. Hunt: Showdown is available now in Early Access on PC, with a full release coming sometime down the line, but feel free to check it out now if you want to give these tools a spin.