E3 2018: Indivisible Receives a New Trailer to Help Tide You Over

Following last month’s announcement that Lab Zero’s ever-anticipated RPG Indivisible would be delayed until next year, one question is surely on the mind of a lot of gamers: Will this all be worth the wait? Well, if the new trailer cooked up for E3 recently is any indication, then the answer is a definitive “Yes.” The emphasis this time around is on the world of Loka, and it’s looks like players will be traversing through some rather stunning locales.

In order to discover the source of her mysterious powers, our main heroine Ajna will trek through the likes of desert temples, industrial cities, and huge fortresses, among other areas, all while gaining an assortment on unique allies along the way to help take on equally unique foes. It all looks like an absolutely gorgeous delight, and we can’t wait for as much of Indivisible as possible leading up to its 2019 release for all major consoles.