E3 2018: Night Call’s Neo-Noir Tale Gets Its First Trailer

As it turns out, no, Neo Cab was not the only neo-noir thriller revolving around a cab driver to get a new trailer today, and no, Sable was not the only previous announced game from Raw Fury to get one as well. Night Call also has both of those extremely specific niches covered, being a graphic adventure game from Raw Fury and developers MonkeyMoon and Black Muffin Studio about a cab driver attempting to solve a mystery that had its trailer debut during the PC Gaming Show earlier today, which you can check out here.

Set in modern-day Paris, the game sees you playing as cab driver attempting to juggle the tasks of both performing their usual job and having to gather information about a serial killer on the loose in order to eventually figure out what’s going on, as seen in the snippet of gameplay here. Night Call is due out in 2019 for both PC and currently-unspecified consoles, and has the potential to be a rather unique adventure game, so don’t miss out on it.