E3 2018: Skull and Bones Sets Sail with New Gameplay Trailer

Get ready to sail the high seas as Ubisoft reveals new footage for Skull and Bones where players become the masters of their own destinies. The new trailer shows off ships battling each other, pirates making pacts and new possibilities for becoming a pirate legend. The immersive world gives players a chance to be the kind of pirate they’d like to be, do you want to be king of the high seas by destroying everything in your path, or will you stealthily find your prey? Outfit your crew for your missions with customizable ship components and weapons. Tactical engagements provide more depth to combat as players need to consider their firepower, structural integrity and strategic engagements. Ram your enemies with your superior fire power and board their ship to steal their booty. Legendary loot gives you the status and power to upgrade your crew even more. Beware, the more infamous you become, the more enemies will attempt to stop your rise to power. Skull and Bones is scheduled for a 2019 release.