E3 2018: The Fish is Back in Hitman 2, Brings Release Date With It

The final game of today’s PC game showcase was the next entry in the Hitman series. This first Hitman game to be developed since IO Interactive regain the rights to the IP seems to be an attempt to acknowledge the series’ roots while also carrying forward the more contemporary features fans have come to enjoy and expect from it. Check out the trailer below for a look at what’s in store for Hitman 2.

A representative from IO interactive joined the PC Gamer host on stage to briefly discuss some of the new developments coming to the game. Of these, the most notable was the increased size of the crowds on some levels, almost 2,000 people, and Agent 47’s newfound ability to use it to his advantage against pursuers. It was also confirmed that the likes of elusive targets and escalation packs will be returning with to the game this time around. Lastly, IO finally announced Hitman 2’s release date, stating that fans will be able to pick it up on November 13.

Eager fans that decide to pre-order the game will also get a bonus in the form of access to a game called “Sniper Assassin.” It’s set in the Hitman universe and is almost certainly going to be a rather short affair, but is still an interesting offering nonetheless.