E3 2018: tinyBuild Brings Webcomics to Battle Royale With Rapture Rejects

Oh tinyBuild, you scamps. You made an entire faux press conference with a comedic musical number about how you were making a Battle Royale game, only to have it simply serve as your way of announcing Secret Neighbor, an unrelated game. But as it turns out, that was just to distract us all from the REAL battle royale game you had waiting in the wings, wasn’t it? Yes, at E3 2018’s PC Gaming Show, we got our first look at Rapture Rejects, a top-down isometric free-for-all set in none other than the Cyanide & Happiness universe.

Set in the world of the famous webcomic/web cartoon, the game sees you as one of many people left behind after the Rapture finally comes, stranding you on Earth. Naturally, several of you have now decided that the only way to get into Heaven now is to impress God…by killing several of your fellow humans in armed combat. Makes sense. Developed by the Seattle-based Galvanic Games, no release date has been announced for Rapture Rejects yet, but you can sign up for the Alpha at the game’s official site, which will begin this Summer, so pop by if interested.