E3 2018: Fire Emblem for Switch Officially Named Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Of the first-party titles we definitely know are coming to the Switch, we’ve heard literally nothing of what the latest entry in the Fire Emblem series would be, would look like, or even be called, since it was first confirmed all the way back in January of last year in a Fire Emblem-based Direct. Albeit a very quick remark that a Switch title was definitely in production. Fortunately, Nintendo have laid out a hefty amount of details as to the series’ next entrant starting with its official title, Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

As is the case with most entrants in Nintendo’s long-standing turn-based strategy series, Three Houses takes place in a new world, a land called Fódlan, and employs the classic grid-based gameplay fans have come to expect. Three Houses is bringing its own twist to the Fire Emblem’s combat too. Instead of only fighting one on one, players will be supported by troop formations as they struggle against monsters and opposing heroes. It won’t be a one-sided advantage though. Enemy leaders have soldiers of their own and it will be up to the player to outmaneuver them and achieve victory. 

Outside of battle, players will be able to freely explore with their characters, gather information and build relationships with the major characters assisting them in their struggle against the Church of Seiros. The most important of these are Dimitri, Edelgard and Claude who serve as the main characters alongside the player’s protagonist. For a better idea of what’s next in the world of Fire Emblem, check out the trailer below.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is set to release for the Switch in spring 2019.