E3 2018: Inkling, Ridley and Daisy Receive amiibo Figures

What would Nintendo announcements be without amiibo? During the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate showing, it was revealed that every single amiibo of the original Smash Bros. line are compatible. In addition to those, every character who has a figure from other games can also be used. Data from them can even be transferred.

In addition to that bit of news, brand new amiibo have been revealed. Ridley, Inkling Girl and Daisy are all getting their own figures. Ridley was shown during a hands-on demonstration of the game. It looks quite menacing thanks to incredible details. Inkling Girl gets a new pose fit for Smash. The ink level shown in her tank reflects the amount that was used when throwing a Splat Bomb; but Splatoon and Smash Bros. ink will work a bit differently. Nintendo also announced a new Daisy amiibo is in production but did not have a teaser image present.

By the logic of every character coming to the game, we should receive word of Snake, Wolf, Ice Climbers, Pichu and maybe another Young Link amiibo coming out. Ridley will be made available alongside on December 7 when the game launches. The other two have yet to be determined but we shall update you promptly!