E3 2018: Logitech Announces New Keyboard and Software

Logitech announced prior to the E3 conference that it is adding a new keyboard to its G500 line. The G512 is a high performance mechanical gaming keyboard that truly fits the bill for enthusiasts. It is built on the award-winning design of the G413 and G513 keyboards. The G513 featured Romer Tactile and Linear switches which focused on either fast precision with the Tactile, or comfort and speed with the Linear. Both of those will be available in the G512 along with the new GX Blue switches.

The GX Blue offers a more audible clicking noise for those users that truly mean business. It will feature the same anodized and brushed aircraft-grade 5052 aluminum top case for a slime and premium design that features rigid durability. It still includes the integrated USB 2.0 port with 100% power throughout. It will also be available in black. It is still powered by the LIGHTSYNC technology. The Logitech G512 will launch at $99.99 at a more affordable price point than the G513. Lastly, the G513 will also be getting the GX Blue switches and it will still retail for $149.99. Both will be available in retail stores by the end of June.

Logitech also announced that it is moving on from its famous Logitech G software. Replacing it will be a software experience known as G Hub. G Hub allows for not only customization from players, but also the ability to share profiles including RGB designs. Early access to the software can be signed up for through the Logitech website.