E3 2018: Orpheus Technodelics Provides Digital Psychedelics

Robin Arnott has been working on SoundSelf for quite a while, with the Kickstarter ending way back in 2013.  Since that time the trippy meditation aid has been at various trade shows getting bigger and better with each new appearance, but it ran into a small problem on the way to release.  SoundSelf isn’t exactly a game but it’s not strictly a visualizer either.  The user makes sounds and SoundSelf generates images based on the audio, using gameplay techniques to induce a meditative state.  There’s nothing quite like it, which is a bit of an issue when it comes to marketing, so the obvious solution is to find like-minded developers and create a publishing label that groups the work together.  Therefore, there is Orpheus Technodelics.

The flagship title from Orpheus Technodelics will be SoundSelf, of course, but it’s joined instantly by two others.  Microdose VR is a little more active than the voice-controlled SoundSelf, in that you’re expected to get up and dance to create a detailed work of geometric art.  It’s a visualizer, sure, but one that requires an active participant to get anything out of, and the more actively you play the better results you’ll get.  The final title is Breathscape, which is a minimalist smartphone app that generates an audioscape based on the rhythm of the user’s breathing, used primarily for a meditation aid but sounding like it could be quite nice to fall asleep to as well.  Orpheus Technodelics is publishing an interesting group of titles that promises to wander outside the expectations of what one would expect from a videogame, using the basics of gaming to build user-controlled experiences that create ephemeral moments of art and bring necessary moments of peace and beauty to the world.