E3 2018: Super Mario Party and Smash Bros. Ultimate Up for Pre-order

Nintendo sure knows how to appease to its fans. During the E3 presentation a number of exciting titles were revealed and some previously known were given more details. Starting right now, two of them are available for pre-order.

Super Mario Party is the first iteration of the series to land on the Switch. It showed off some interesting new mini games utilizing the Joy-Con. Plus, coming up with team strategies and playing anywhere you want are perfect for the portable console. Check out Amazon for a digital code version and GameStop for the physical edition.

Also available to order is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It is an epic culmination of every single playable character from across the series. New moves, stages and more surely makes it worth the wait. Go to the Amazon website or GameStop to pre-order the game so you are ready for a smashing good time.

Super Mario Party launches on October 5 while Smash Bros. Ultimate comes out December 7. Both titles are going to be major hits for Nintendo so make sure you get yours now.