E3 2018: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Offers More Strategy than Smashing

Super Smash Bros. has been a hit ever since its Nintendo 64 debut in 1999. The series has grown in many ways upon every iteration from N64, GameCube, Wii, Wii U, 3DS and now it comes to the Switch. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the most epic crossover in the series. Players have always loved smashing and bashing one another but the latest in the line will feature more strategic thinking than ever before.

With every new game comes different challenges. For Smash Bros. Ultimate, the team decided to include every single character that has ever appeared in the series, plus new additions! That equals over 60 playable characters with possibly more on the way. This means balancing each one to work in tandem so they may fit well into the fray. Bringing back Young Link, Ice Climbers and others would mean making sure they can keep up with everything that was missed since their last appearances. Then, quite the opposite has to be fine-tuned as all roster members from the Wii U and 3DS would need to be able to fight against those returning. Tons of quality assurance hours went into testing the combat and what was shown at E3 surely seems to be flawless.

Many changes between characters took place which will add to how you use them. Some examples include Link gaining remote bombs from Breath of the Wild. This obviously means you will be able to explode them upon your command. Samus has a always had the ability to charge up her cannon but now you can continue charging in mid-air. Previously, jumping and pressing the button would mean shooting off the beam at whatever size you got it to. Inklings, who are new to the fight, have an tank of ink which you will have to keep an eye on. Depending on its level, you will only be able to use a certain amount of attacks, so be sure to dip in ink to recharge. This is just a very minuscule portion of the details making up the changes to Smash Bros. Ultimate.

You may notice by footage or hands-on demonstrations that the action is quicker and more aggressive. It appears timing will be everything so make sure you pay attention! Some alterations have been made to the types of matches you have. If you are going 1-on-1, more damage will be dealt per attack but if you add more opponents the damage is lowered. That signals a balance to whether or not teaming up on a combatant would be worth it. However, a special marker shows up to let everyone know who is in the lead and should be the one taken down quickly. Directional dodging in mid-air, attacking while on a ladder, perfecting shield and other abilities have been added. Be sure to take advantage of these new techniques.

Depending on how you play, some changes won’t matter. They could just offer a bit of fun like Ganondorf being able to attack with swords now. We all think it’s about time he can use them! But if you take things seriously and participate in tournaments, you will want to pay attention to everything being announced. Learning what every new Assist Trophy like Bomberman or Pokémon such as Bewear can do will factor greatly into your strategies.

We have seen some coverage on new Final Smash attacks, new stages, upcoming amiibo figures, long-awaited debuts, plus what Echo Fighters mean for the roster. Everything here and more will heavily factor in to how you play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The game launches on December 7 for the Switch, so make sure you are coming up with strategies right now!