Disgaea Fans Can Return to the Netherworld This October

Disgaea fans have known for a while that a new and improved version of the game that started it all was in the works, but it was anyone’s guess as to when exactly they could expect to get their hands on it. NIS America addressed that knowledge gap to day by releasing a new trailer for the game. The video recaps the basic plot and important characters, and, most importantly, it reveals the official release date. Check it out!

Yup, Disgaea 1: Complete will release for the PS4 and Switch on October 9. Players should note that this isn’t the first time the game has been remastered, just the first time it will be available on modern hardware. The PC version is still available on Steam, so that might just be the better option for those who’d like to pick it up for cheap and don’t particularly care about graphics.