E3 2018: Captain Spirit is a ‘Significant Piece of Content,’ Not a ‘Quick Throwaway’

Dontnod Entertainment’s The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is a “significant piece of content,” says Toby Palm.

Taking to ResetEra, the Life Is Strange community manager said that the upcoming free standalone experience is not a “quick throwaway and deserves its place in the sun for a short while.”

“This is the start of the Life Is Strange 2 information journey, though,” he added.

Captain Spirit, which is set in the same universe as Life Is Strange, was announced at Microsoft’s E3 press conference. Dontnod has since released a behind-the-scenes video for Captain Spirit, sharing details on the development of protagonist Chris and how the demo ties in with the highly anticipated Life Is Strange 2.

Earlier this week, the Life Is Strange developer confirmed that choices and actions in Captain Spirit would have an impact on players’ Life Is Strange 2 experience.

The Awesome Adventures centers its story on ten-year-old Chris and his alter ego, Captain Spirit, on a “particular Saturday [when] something truly extraordinary will happen to him.”

Life Is Strange 2 is in development and Dontnod first broke news about a sequel to its fan-favorite episodic title in 2017.

Captain Spirit will arrive on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on June 26.

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