E3 2018: Starfield has the Traditional Bethesda Touch

New video game announcements are what fans crave for during E3. Luckily, it did not disappoint as a bevy of blockbuster hits are in the works from various developers. Bethesda is one of them and showed off more content coming for Wolfenstein, DOOM, Prey, RAGE 2 and more. However, we knew about all of those already. So, when Todd Howard showed off Starfield for the very first time, everyone in attendance and fans watching online, were ecstatic! There wasn’t much shown but Howard discussed the project afterwards and with some more detail.

Obviously, though, not a bunch was said. But one could read between lines and start to piece together a little something of what Starfield will become. It has been solidified that the game will be a single player experience, it’s about the only tangible evidence of content out there. However, Howard has stated that longtime Bethesda fans will associate Starfield with what the company typically does. It has everything you would expect and more. While keeping in with tradition Starfield will go beyond what is expected.

We can assume that means Starfield will act like Fallout or Elder Scrolls but set in space. Some spatial exploration took place during brief downloadable content in Fallout 3 but that’s really it. You can probably take that and expand upon it tenfold. This is the company’s first new IP in decades so we can look forward to original characters, storyline, environments and more all within the sci-fi genre. Going to various planets seems likely an in that comes quests, companions, traits, abilities, threats and so much more. Think of the things you could do in Fallout 3 and 4 or Oblivion and Skyrim but set in space.

Based on the teaser trailer we see the sun rising on the horizon of a planet before panning to a craft in orbit that suddenly warps from some sort of sudden explosion. It seems likely players will be able to explore the depths of space. Perhaps figuring out what happened to that space station is part of the story. All we can do right now is wonder but at least the video gives us something to speculate. There is no sign of a release date because putting one out there would cause a certain amount of expectations and Howard doesn’t want to disappoint.

He asks that fans be very patient with Starfield. Developing this game is taking quite some time and various challenges arise when using new technology or implementing fresh designs. Plus, working on Elder Scrolls VI would obviously have the team going back and forth between projects. He did say there are some very playable sections which bodes well for its progress. A little here and there can end up going a long way. At least Howard comforts fans by saying Starfield will have everything we expect and more.