E3 2018: Todd Howard Offers More Detail into Fallout 76 and Elder Scrolls

E3 is always a huge gathering of the industry’s top talents. There are tons of titles that either receive a bit more information or have a long awaited debut just for this time of year. One of the biggest names to pop up every time is Bethesda who know exactly what their audiences are looking forward to. Todd Howard, the executive producer at Bethesda Game Studios, showed off plenty of content during the show and went on to provide a bit more of what was revealed.

Fallout is one of the company’s premiere titles and the next installment to the series comes as Fallout 76. Howard stated players can experience many aspect of previous Fallout games. There will be some stories to follow, sidequests to accomplish and it has similar gameplay elements. But so many changes are included such as no NPC to tag along and encountering others will present unpredictable actions. There is a bit of a storyline to follow as you seek to find answers of what happened in the world, where everyone has gone and what new threats are there to overcome. Optional events will allow you to work with others in completing a specific goal. The sidequests work similarly in that they don’t have to be completed but there are some which you may be able to repeat after time has passed.

Howard went on to reveal a bit more on the massive nuclear attacks which will hinder some elements of the game. The blast will destroy structures and kill anything within the radius. After effects will last for a certain length of time and create high level zones that you will need to be prepared for. Depending on where in the environment these are dropped will produce different results. Unique creatures could appear and create various experiences. The final bit of Fallout 76 dealt with some customization. Fallout 4 tapped into a huge community base and the new game looks to bring over similar elements. Camps you create are movable and can easily be blueprinted at new locations. Once you exit the game everything disappear but will reappear as soon as you’re back in. More information on Fallout 76 is bound to come up before its launch in November, but at least this has given fans plenty to think about.

The discussion then turned to the new mobile game, Blades, which is part of the Elder Scrolls series. He says it is a pure Elder Scrolls experience in the vein of Arena. It has no open world, sticking to just generated locations of varying sizes and layouts. However, that doesn’t mean there won’t be an attempt to expand the game upon its release. It features some spectacular graphics and controls on par with many current gen console titles. Howard mentions the goal of Blades is to reach as many platforms as possible which includes virtual reality. A game like this has been on the minds of Bethesda developers for years and with today’s smartphone technology, they can actually achieve it.

After that, he moved onto the sort of elephant in the room. Elder Scrolls VI was officially revealed during E3 and fans went completely insane! However, it was only a small tease but luckily Howard was able to offer a bit more insight on the project. It will be next generation which has a double meaning according to Howard. The term is being used to describe the engine used within the game as well as the platform on which it will be played. That means highly advanced graphics, enormous amounts of content and more are to be expected. So far it isn’t out of the question to see a release for PS4 or Xbox One but it is obviously too soon to tell. Howard understands fans waiting for this probably won’t have the next gen consoles in time for release, so a current gen version would please many. Elder Scrolls VI is in very early stages of development. We didn’t get to see any characters or storyline in the teaser, just landscape. The team basically just has designs and concepts laid out for its progress and will have to fill it all in.

Todd Howard stated Bethesda fans are wise. They are very keen on rumors circulating the industry and because of them decided to reveal Elder Scrolls VI at E3. More information on Fallout 76 was to be expected and Blades was a complete surprise. There is a lot going on at Bethesda including the development of their next original IP, Starfield. Howard knows how eager the fans have been and is doing everything possible to make sure each announcement is going to deliver.