E3 2018: Treyarch Details Plans for Call of Duty: Blacks Ops 4

Miles Leslie of Treyarch took the stage and talked about telling a different story than prior games. They want to make a more social game and weave a narrative for the characters throughout the multiplayer experience. The Blackout mode brings battle royal stylings to the franchise, but their goal is to put a unique spin on it. It will be used as a “best of” for content, with prior multiplayer weapons and Zombies mode characters being thrown into this giant sandbox to let players do whatever they want. The feel of the guns is also something they’re taking pride in compared to other BR games, which may have them – but don’t make them feel very different. Having a new way to play existing maps is also something they’re looking forward to seeing, and the returning guns will be rebalanced for the BR experience.

The team at Treyarch is open to criticism from players about the revamped health system and expect players to realize their vision once they play the game. New storylines will be coming to Zombies, and on day one, they will have a new way for Zombies to appeal to new players. It will be more accommodating with variable difficulty levels and be more user-friendly. Black Ops 4 will be the first CoD game released on the Battle.net site, and they did this to deliver a more PC-centric experience. Having more health is the team’s way of making the experience as a whole more inviting to newcomers. Specialists are back and allow players to find their niche within the game. A new character named Crash is made to help out new players with regenerating health, the team wants to create a new balance for the players. Black Ops 4 will hit the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One  on October 12 and looks to offer up some new experiences for players while still feeling familiar for veterans.