Man the Turrets and Mow Down Everything in Heavy Fire: Red Shadow

How hard can it be to overrun a single turret?  Crazy-difficult, as it turns out, once arcade physics come in to play.  The Heavy Fire series drops players behind a chaingun with infinite ammo and ridiculous stopping power, tearing through everything and anything that comes within view of the turret’s iron sights.  While the previous two games were on-rails shooters, the new Heavy Fire: Red Shadow looks to be a bit more Beachhead than Operation Wolf, putting you in a defensive position with a 360 degree view and war breaking out in every direction.  What the chaingun can’t take down a backup rocket launcher will make short work of, but the enemy is suicidally relentless and bound to get through eventually if you’re not on top of your game.  The eight missions have a defined end-point while Endless mode will eventually end in defeat but, just maybe, leaderboard glory.

Heavy Fire: Red Shadow is coming to Xbox One, PC, and PS VR.  Oddly, despite PS VR support, there’s no announcement of Rift/Vive compatibility at the moment.