E3 2018: Days Gone isn’t Just Another Zombie Game

The zombie wave continues and it’ll likely never fade, so having a game that’s just about that concept is bound to get old. The zombie post-apocalyptic worlds that TV and games craft tend to be about much more than shooting the undead; it’s about living in that hellscape and how it all came to be. That’s exactly what Jeff Ross and John Garvin, Game Director and Creative Director at Sony Bend, want you to focus on when you play their upcoming title Days Gone. This isn’t just another zombie game.

With their time on the show floor, Sony Bend is showing off their Horde and Crazy Willies Demo. These modes are to show off the smooth gameplay and give people a feel of what to expect when the game releases, but when asked about the game they both want you to enjoy and find missing pieces to the story of the world.

Days Gone features a dynamically populated world based off of the way that players choose to spend their time. The zombies are called Freakers, and are just a part of the humans and creatures that have survived and are finding their way, needing meat to survive, not brains. Along with these dangerous foes are the animals of the world that can also be infected. Everything alive is part of the new food chain and fighting to survive.

What sets Freakers apart is that Bend Studio doesn’t classify them as zombies at all as they are living beings that use a day-night cycle like most everything else, along with eating, drinking and hibernating to survive. The different types of Freakers all have a reason for being where they are. This was all a part of Bend’s passion to build a world that is constantly dangerous.

During the course of Days Gone’s runtime, you’ll find out more and more about what makes Freakers tick and what the virus that turned them is actually doing to them constantly. What may have been unintentionally dropped though is that while they’re classified as living beings there isn’t a piece left of who they once were. When asked about that specifically they original inhabitant is completely gone.

Not a lot has been shared about Days Gone’s story and that’s intentional, as Bend wants you to explore this dynamic world they’ve created and figure out what happened on your own. While you may enjoy the horde mode, they believe that what will bring you back session after session is the immersive-ness of their game.

You can play Days Gone February 22, 2019, on PlayStation 4.