E3 2018: Donkey Kong Comes to Switch as Part of Arcade Archives

The Arcade Archives series is dedicated to bringing back some classic games from the past but with some upgraded quality. One of the biggest names from the 80’s was Donkey Kong and he is ready to take back the top spot!┬áDuring E3, Nintendo Treehouse showed off the latest port of the retro game coming to the Switch.

Play as Jumpman in an attempt to rescue Paulina from the clutches of Donkey Kong! It has more polish and better control than ever before. However, they did leave in all of its quirky gameplay mechanics which means you can take advantage of bugs if you know what to do. This Donkey Kong comes with early and later versions of the game as well as international builds which may include levels you have never played before.

It is great for old school players to reach that new high score while newcomers can experience a classic for the first time. Donkey Kong is available for the Switch starting now. Visit the Nintendo eShop to check it out and read more about the game on the official website.