E3 2018: Hands-on with Zone of the Enders: The Second Runner – Mars in VR

Zone of the Enders is one of the better games from the PlayStation 2 games. It is also a Hideo Kojima game, originally. There are two new experiences of the game coming out. Zone of the Enders Remastered is launching on PC as a 4K game and also Zone of the Enders: The Second Runner – Mars VR will be hitting PlayStation VR in the future. We got some time to sit down with Noriaki Okamura, Producer, and Julliand Nicolas, Project Coordinator of the game along with some playing time with the headset. It is safe to say that this was the way that Zone of the Enders was meant to be played.

The original game is played in the third person, but the transition to first person worked flawlessly. Since you are in a machine that face forwards the entire time with no head, there really isn’t much panning. The gameplay still feels like the original played in third person, but it goes into first person for the VR. Aiming at units was done with head tracking, and navigating was fairly straightforward. Landing melee hits was also gratifying, up close. The demo brought the game out in a whole new light while keeping its core elements intact.

In speaking with Okamura about the decision to go VR, he said, “From the beginning, we wanted to be inside the unit. With VR, it gives us the choice to do that.” In regards to motion controls, Okamura mentioned it would play with just a normal controller. He also mentioned that the fans will like the new experience. “The original game was a third person game and this a completely new experience that will be great for the fans.”

In terms of what fans will expect for content in the game, Okamura also dived into that. “We have three new bonus contents in the game. The first is the Theater that allows players to view the cutscenes from the game. We also have the Hangar where you can see the orbital frame from the outside.We also have the model viewer that can be seen in 3D in VR.” The remastered will run in 4K on PC. In terms of visual fidelity, we discussed what to expect with this version. “All of the textures have been reworked in remade, so there will be fine new details that can’t be seen in the first games. This is actually why we added the bonus content. This will allow players to view everything. When they were remaking the textures, they looked at the original documents to see what could be done with modern technology.” The VR version will launch on September 6.