Overwatch League Stage 4 Playoffs Set

The final stage of the Overwatch League is coming to a close and these are the teams in the Stage 4 playoffs.

This is the last chance anyone has at winning a stage and we’ve got a new face joining some familiar ones. Three of the four teams this stage were in contention last stage, but one was sitting at the bottom of the standings. After many failings, the Dallas Fuel has made it to the end.

It’s been a rough road for the Fuel with only the Shanghai Dragons having a tougher one, but it seems Mickie being the Brigitte God and Seagull just being great in general has brought them to the precipice.

Finishing atop Stage 4 was the Los Angeles Gladiators and they were followed by their LA brethren the Los Angeles Valiant. Coming in third after having a good lead to kick things off is the New York Excelsior and rounding things out is the Dallas Fuel. Now, you may be expecting the best finishing team to take on the worst finishing team, but the Gladiators have opted to take on the Valiant. That leaves Excelsior with the Fuel.

The action is set to start at 3 p.m. CDT and you can catch it all here on Twitch.