Shanghai Dragons Complete Defeated Season

The Shanghai Dragons have done something few teams have ever done. They’ve lost every single match this season. 0-40.

This is the opposite of the outcome everyone wanted but impressive in its own right. Not only did they lose every single regular season match, they also lost both preseason matches.

In the NFL only two teams have gone defeated in a full 16 game season, the Detroit Lions and the Cleveland Browns. No other major sport in America has seen this, but the Charlotte Bobcats during the 2011-2012 season only won 7-66 games (lockout season). The Dragons have joined rarefied air in this accomplishment.

Losing every game was expected, however. Not from the very beginning. Nobody would have anticipated this, but when you learned of the team making major roster moves and only being able to play with each other fully come Stage 3, it became a real scenario. Obviously, there’s enough time to make adjustments, but they were essentially playing like every team would in the beginning. Learning more about each other’s playstyles and communicating more effectively in the last portion of the stage. To top it all off it was a team of South Koreans and Chinese players so a language barrier made it even tougher.

Regardless and all excuses aside, the deed is done. In the inaugural season of Overwatch, a team has gone defeated. Hopefully, the players can rebound and still have great careers, but like in every sport, this will be a moment nobody will everĀ forget.