Runbow Coming to PS4, Switch This July

If you’ve been lacking in either a Wii U, 3DS or just haven’t found the time to check it out on PC, 13AM Games’ acclaimed and richly entertaining multiplayer platformer Runbow, will soon be making its way onto both PS4 & Nintendo Switch. The studio has today confirmed that the digital edition of Runbow will be releasing on both platforms, on July 3.

A physical retail edition will follow thereafter sometime in Q3 of this year which includes all post-launch DLC. All multiplayer matches can be played by up to nine platers online, while the Switch version features an eight-player local co-op option compared to the PS4’s usual four-player set-up for the same mode. In case you need reminding as to why this frantic, color-based platformer is one to check out, take a look at the trailer below.