The Lost Child Launches Today on Switch, Vita, and PS4

There aren’t a ton of dungeon-crawlers on the market now, but The Lost Child is out to change that – and add a sense of mystery to the goings-It features an odd, but intriguing plot as a journalist is investigating a serious of mysterious suicides in Tokyo. In his investigation, he finds a strangle girl and gives him a device that allows him yo capture odd creatures – and battle many monsters using said device in dungeons. It offers a blend of dungeon-crawling with a traditional JRPG battle mechanic and throws in mysteries to keep you on your toes as an in-game journalist. You can buy the PS4 version physically from Amazon, or buy it on the PlayStation Store for $49.99. The Vita version is digital-only for the same price, while Switch owners can buy it physically from Gamestop or Best Buy at $49.99.