Best of E3 2018 – Day Two: Indie, VR, Racing, Sports

Over the next five days, Hardcore Gamer will be revealing its Best of E3 2018 Awards leading up to our Game of Show. Today we present you with the Best Indie, VR, Racing and Sports Game.


When you have what seems like thousands of games with hundreds of people working on a project each year, it’s hard to remember that they are developed by human beings. Some, while fun, can feel lifeless, and manufactured. Tunic is a prime example of the hard work and incredible passion of a single developer in Canada, bringing to life an absolutely breathtaking adventure that shows immense promise. Microsoft showed off and announced its exclusivity at their Media Briefing at this year’s convention, and we were blown away with the art style and familiar, nostalgic gameplay. Tunic doesn’t have a release date, or even a window for that matter, but it certainly captivated us at E3, and hopefully it will end up doing the same to you.

Desert Child Serious Sam 4 Trover Saves the Universe Kaisuo

Trover Saves the Universe

Selecting the best VR game of E3 wasn’t an easy task as there was some excellent competition this year. We settled on Squanch Game’s Trover Saves the Universe in the end because it has so much to offer. It’s a 3D platformer that uses a unique but easily understandable interface to maintain the immersion as well as ease of play. The clever puzzles manage to tease the brain without frustrating the player. Wrapping the entire package in Rick & Morty co-creator Justin Roiland’s recognizable sense of humor makes for a title that will entertain both fans of Mario 64 style of play and enthusiasts of one of the most popular shows on television. While Trover Saves the Universe doesn’t need to be played on a headset, doing so adds so much to the experience to render it the best way to experience this fully fleshed out and engaging game.

Kaisuo Zone of the Enders: The Second Runner – Mars Firewall: Zero Hour Fire Escape

Forza Horizon 4

In some ways E3 can feel like a racing event itself with so many racing games vying for the number one spot. This year was a close race, but Forza Horizon 4 is the one that gets to take the victory lap. Forza Horizon 4 is the eleventh entry in the Forza series, which shows in how the development team has been building from previous installments in an attempt to make this the best Forza to date. Forza Horizon 4 will feature 450 licensed cars and take place in a synchronized shared world where each server can host up to 72 players. Taking place in a fictionalized version of the United Kingdom, Forza Horizon 4 shows great potential in being one of the best racing games of the year when it peels off the starting line in October.

The Crew 2 Team Sonic Racing F1 2018 V-Rally 4

Trials Rising

This year’s E3 was not disappointing for sports fans as many great looking titles covered a variety of sports. Strong showings were made by both types of football game, but ultimately there can only be one winner and that honor goes to Trials: Rising. This motorcycle racer has players competing across elaborate and dangerous obstacle courses built on famous landmarks throughout the world. Mastering the physics based control system requires time and dedication like any worthwhile sport does, but players who are determined will overcome these challenges and taste the thrill of victory. Trials: Rising is also as enjoyable as it is difficult, having found the sweet spot of the addictive “one more try” style of gameplay.

Madden NFL 19 FIFA 19 PES 2019 Mutant Football League

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