Funko Reveals Couple of San Diego Comic Con Video Game Figures

It’s that special time of the year again, the arrival of San Diego Comic Con! There are always tons of conventions happening but this is the biggest of them all. Today, Funko showed off a couple of video game related Pop! figures that will only be available at the event.

First up is Sweeper Bot from Destiny 2. This bot is all about cleaning up and luckily hasn’t lost its broom. There is so much sweeping to do. Make sure to clear off some space in your collection for this figure. Next we have an instant summer classic with Grillmaster Soldier 76. This is one of Overwatch’s popular characters but instead of shooting up the place he’s working the grill for cookouts. It’s the skin variant players can choose when they are looking to roast the competition.

Both will be at the San Diego Comic Con Funko booth. Stay tuned for more exclusive video game products to possibly be revealed!