Pokémon Quest Headed to Smartphones Next Week

Pokémon Quest was quite the surprise announcement during a recent Pokémon press conference. It quickly became one of the most downloaded titles for the Nintendo Switch but an even wider audience will be able to play soon!

Starting June 27, just one week from now, Pokémon Quest will be available for smartphones. The RPG title features voxel-styled Pokémon formed in a team to take out others. Go through various levels in an effort to defeat wild Pokémon, search for treasure and powering up attributes. You can even befriend other Pokémon to form all kinds of diverse teams.

It is free to download but features in-game purchases. Read our review of Pokémon Quest’s Switch version beforehand. Data between the two is not transferable. Soon, you’ll be able to leave the console at home and play it all on the go with your phone.