Closed Beta For Deathgarden Underway, Complete With New Trailer

We’ve already commented on how Behaviour Digital’s next asymmetrical action game, Deathgarden, is already shaping up to be another potential hit, and now more people can check it out as it enters its closed beta period, lasting until June 26 at 9 AM EST. The five-versus-one blood sport gains a slew of new additions in the forms of skills and powers for each side, along with a new trailer, which you can check out below as always.

The new trailer shows off a bit more of the gameplay than before, showcasing the Runners as they attempt to activate the control points needed to escape by distracting or even confronting the hunter in various ways. If this clip intrigues you, you can register for a beta key at the game’s official site, get one through pre-ordering with a free upgrade to the game’s Deluxe Edition, or just wait for August when Deathgarden enters Early Access on PC. Either way, don’t miss out on this one.