E3 2018: For Honor: Now Featuring Slightly More Honor

For Honor was one of the more surprising appointments at this year’s E3, or E Cubed as all the cool kids call it. Originally released on Valentine’s Day 2017, which is appropriate since the quickest way to a person’s heart is through dismemberment and evisceration, and in the almost year and a half since its release it has been receiving regular updates and maintenance to keep people coming back to the never ending war of Knights, Samurai and Vikings. Ubisoft does have some new ideas in store to help keep things in For Honor interesting and decided that E3 was the perfect venue to unveil the new additions.

The newest expansion is called For Honor: Marching Fire which is probably slightly more dangerous than running scissors. This new expansion brings on four new heroes, a new four on four PvP mode, an mystery new two player PvE mode and significant graphical enhancements. For Honor wasn’t a bad looking game to begin with, but we can expect new global illumination effects, improved textures, new effects for the clouds and sky along with an improved user interface to help players get into the matches more quickly. Graphical updates are almost never a bad thing, but let’s get into the more interesting changes coming with For Honor: Marching Fire.

Between the three factions there are currently eighteen playable heroes, so adding four new heroes itself isn’t too noteworthy except these warriors are from the Wu Lin faction and are inspired by Ancient China, inviting more comparisons to the Dynasty Warriors franchise even though both games play quite differently from each other. The Shaolin are warrior monks who have mastered the staff as part of their spiritual journey. The Tiandi are the protectors of kings and emperors, and wield the dao blade with deadly efficiency. The Jiang Jun are seasoned veterans that hold the rank of general in the Chinese army and are masters of the guandao weapon. The last new addition (for now) is Nuxia, a deadly body guard and assassin who nimbly dances across the battlefield, doling out death with their hook swords.

The newest PvP mode is called Breach, which as the name implies is all about breaching the enemy’s base. Each team can have up to four players, with one team being on defense and the other being on offense. The goal of the offensives team is to protect their battering ram as it travels through the enemy gates, with the defenders obviously focusing on killing the offensive team and destroying the battering ram. There are limited respawn tokens in this mode so it is important to work as a team and revive fallen comrades, along with protecting or destroying the battering ram. This fits well within the other PvP modes in For Honor and does add enough of a twist to make it feel like a new addition and does bring three new maps to the party.

The last major change is an endless two player PvE mode, though aside from being co-op and endless there aren’t too many other details available. For Honor was a fun game when it was launched but with so many PvP games out there it’s hard to maintain a core player base for an extended period of time. For Honor: Marching Fire does show promise that it could be what the game needs to bring some former players back or maybe the new Chinese faction might be what it takes to attract a few newcomers to the series as well. How significant this new content will be shall be revealed when it drops on October 16.