Fanatical Launches the Indie Legends 8 Bundle

While Steam’s summer sale may be getting the bulk of the money for PC gamers this month, Fanatical has released a stellar bundle. The Indie Legends 8 Bundle gets you 10 total games for a mere $3.49. The games included are the Broken Sword Trilogy, Organ Trail Complete Edition, Among the Sleep – Enhanced Edition, Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered, Convoy, Train Valley, Zombie Driver HD Complete Edition, and Action Henk. This bundle gets you a mix of horror, an epic mystery game in Fahrenheit, a tactical roguelite in the form of Convoy, a railroad manager, a series of zombie-themed games in the form of Organ Trail and Zombie Driver HD, a super-fast platformer in the form of Action Henk, and a classic adventure series in the Broken Sword Trilogy.