Kingdom: New Lands and Musynx this Friday from Limited Run Games

With E3 out of the way the Limited Run Games releases can kick in again, and this week sees what looks like a tiny little two-game schedule until all the consoles are taken into account.  The easier one to track is the music/rhythm game Musynx, which was published by PM Studios on Nintendo Switch at standard retail but is getting PS4 and Vita versions through Limited Run Games.  Slightly more complicated in its release structure is Kingdom: New Lands, the side-view strategy-ish game about being a king on a horse throwing money at his people to get them to build up and defend what starts as a small village.  Kingdoms: New Lands gets a standard edition on PS4 and Switch, while the Collector’s Editions is PS4, Switch, and PC, but the only releases you may need to scramble for are the fancy ones.  Musynx and the standard Kingdoms: New Lands are both open pre-orders for two weeks on all consoles, which at a guess has been doing rather well for LRG seeing as it’s becoming more and more common over the last few months.  The Collector’s Editions of Kingdoms, though are limited to 1500 units on PS4 and 2000 on Switch, and each comes with a crown pin, two lithographs, a soundtrack, and a steelbook case.

Wrapping up on Friday is the pre-order period for Slime-San: Superslime Edition on Switch, while next week sees Va-11 Hall-A, 2064: Read Only Memories, and Xenon Valkyrie+.  It was nice to have last week off but now it’s time to ramp things up again.