See What PS4 Scuf Vantage Controller is All About

Announced last month, SCUF introduced the Scuf Vantage controller for PS4 bringing a revolutionary controller to PS4 for anyone who wants to up their game. To accompany the announcement Scuf has put out a short video showcasing everything about Scuf Vantage.

The Scuf Vantage is changing how pro controllers can be used with over fifteen features to enhance everything about play. Features include new sax buttons found on the side and a paddle control system. Removable vibration modules. Interchangeable magnetic faceplates. Interchangeable thumbsticks with accompanying customization. Adjustable trigger tension and extended trigger tension, and the list goes on. The Scuf Vantage is truly bringing controllers to a new level with every design advantage in mind.

See the full break down in the video below: