Part 4 of Sonic Mania Adventures Now Available

Well, it’s Sonic the Hedgehog’s birthday this weekend, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with the release of a new episode of Sonic Mania Adventures…that actually doesn’t focus on Sonic this time around except for a bit at the very end, mind you, but hey, there’s no complaining when it comes to more of Tyson Hesse’s amazing work on this classic franchise.

Like always, you can check out the clip below, which picks off from last time and places the spotlight on Mighty and Ray, as the latter continues their search for the former, eventually reuniting them while having to face down a particularly deadly foe. The ending suggests a rather explosive finale is in the works, which is due next month, tying in with the release of Sonic Mania Plus, so make sure not to miss either the animated short or the game when it hits.