Hardcore Gamer’s Best of E3 2018 Awards

E3 2018 brought with it a surprising amount of high quality games for the year ahead. While many of the show’s standout games had already been revealed — many in the days leading up to it — it was hard to deny the onslaught of quality game after quality game. Microsoft kicked things off Sunday with the words “World Premiere” uttered continuously and included debut trailers for Forza Horizon 4, Gears 5 and Halo Infinite. While PlayStation only showed off a few games, it was hard to deny the appeal of The Last of Us Part II, Ghosts of Tsushima, Spider-Man and Death Stranding. Nintendo also wowed with the Switch debut of Smash and the long-awaited return of Mario Party.

But while the three big console manufacturers all had an impressive slate of games, it was the third-party games that really stole the show. It’s hard to deny the appeal of Cyberpunk 2077, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Just Cause 4 and Kingdom Hearts III nor ignore the surprisingly great showing of Dying Light 2. E3 2018 didn’t bring any major surprises or revolutions to the industry, but it brought a whole bunch of good games and we’re going to recognize them all. Check out our Best of E3 2018 awards below and prepare to get those wish lists updated.

* Day One: Trailer, Surprise, New IP, Graphics *

* Day Two: Indie, VR, Racing, Sports *

* Day Three: Fighter, Adventure, RPG, Shooter, Action *

* Day Four: PC, PS4, XBO, Switch, 3DS *

* Day Five: Game of Show *