Another Announcement of SDCC Funko Pop!s Includes Kingdom Hearts

Funko is going all out today! There was just a reveal of new Overwatch items but the collectible company is showing off more for the upcoming San Diego Comic Con. Last week a couple of new products were shown but we have got a little bit to add on.

First is Mickey Mouse from the Kingdom Heart series. This particular Pop! is showing the famous character in his unhooded Organization 13 ensemble. He is still holding the keyblade so Heartless better beware! Then, we have more Disney characters from the first Wreck-It Ralph film. Both Ralph and Felix are portrayed in an 8-bit style to better capture that retro arcade look. Since they are both from a video game-related movie they would be great additions to various collections.

All three of these Pop! figures will only be available at San Diego Comic Con. Hopefully they start showing up elsewhere soon after but for now, you better pack your bags for the convention if you want them.