Creative Assembly Career Listings Hint at New First-Person IP

While the team at Creative Assembly has primarily been known for their work on the Total War strategy franchise, the developer was more recently behind Alien: Isolation, a first-person horror title that received mixed reactions at launch, but featured plenty of potential with its unique mechanics and well-designed AI.

Since then, that portion of Creative Assembly has remained quiet, leaving fans to wonder if the team’s attempt at a multi-platform non-strategy game release would end up being a one-off. However, recent postings on the developer’s careers listings pages have featured new roles available on the “Console Team”, with the promise of working on a new IP within the tactical FPS genre. With plenty of positions available for that team, it’s unclear just how far along this new project is, but it’s certainly promising to hear that many of the same people behind Alien Isolation are hard at work on their next title.

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