E3 2018: Hyper Sports is Making a Comeback

Way back in the old days of gaming there used to be a game for the NES called Hyper Sports. This little bundle of joy allowed you and some friends, or maybe just you and the computer, to compete in seven Olympic events to net the high score. Long story short Hyper Sports was one of the original party games, at least for my family, and Konami is bringing it back as Hyper Sports R for the Nintendo Switch.

During E3 we had the privilege to sit down and hear more about this nostalgic title and its return. Hyper Sports is making a comeback, but they aren’t being lazy about it from the sounds of things. Instead of just remaking the game and having a quickplay mode, they’ve added a campaign mode and motion controls to accommodate the Joy-Con controllers.

For those of us that have played the original, or better yet the predecessor Track and Field, you remember frantically mashing your fingers into either A or B to inevitably lose the ridiculous computer. If you’re fond of a rematch in the old ways that scheme will still be available on the Switch; you may have your revenge. What sadly won’t be available, unless Nintendo brings it back, will be the Power Pad.

The newest portion, and the reason I say Konami has seemingly not been lazy, is their creation of a campaign mode for this once hit it and quit it title. Now you have more of a reason to play than the one-offs of before. The campaign mode will allow you to choose a character and then build a team around them. During this campaign, you’ll meet the complete twenty-man roster and make rivals and new teammates along the way.

To add even more depth to this once-shallow sports game is that each character that you have the chance to choose from has their set of traits and backstory. While there wasn’t too much given, in one example each player has ex-teammates that you’ll come across. You’ll now have the ability to hire a coach to increase your stats. Not only that but performing well will allow you to earn sponsors which will net you in-game currency. Also, you’ll have the opportunity to do quests which will, in turn, grant aesthetic upgrades to your character.

When you start a chapter during the campaign is when you’ll unlock new characters to add to your team and have the opportunity to compete team challenges. These team challenges for each person on your team will also allow you to get the aforementioned upgrades for your character. You’ll get more money for the team and a chance to upgrade your stats.

Keeping with the old title, Hyper Sports R will have seven different Track and Field events. The events playable at E3 were Javelin, One-Hundred Meter Dash and Long Jump. The build available was supposedly early in development so motion controls were only available for the One-Hundred Meter Dash, but Konami plans for every event to have some sort of motion controls.

Everything is early, but if you’re a fan of this old school title keep your ears open for new news as it comes up. This could be a great comeback for a classic.