Amy Hennig Leaves EA to go Indie, No Longer on Star Wars Project

Amy Hennig today confirmed that she has officially left EA after the collapse of her Star Wars project.

Last October, EA shocked the industry and Star Wars fans alike when they announced they were closing Visceral Games. The storied development studio was hard at work on a Star Wars project under the direction of the famed Amy Hennig. Much like her previous Uncharted titles, Project Ragtag would have been a linear, story-focused title centered around original characters. Unfortunately, EA didn’t like the fact they couldn’t apply Live Services to the single player game, and ultimately chose to shut down the studio and refocus the title to focus more on these services. At the time, it was unknown if Hennig would continue work on the refocused project being spearheaded at EA Vancouver. We now know she isn’t.

Speaking with Eurogamer at the Gamelab conference, Hennig confirmed that she and EA parted ways back in January. As such, she has no role in whatever EA Vancouver is working on, but still wishes them the best and that there are no hard feelings. Though she’d like to see Ragtag resurrected at some point down the road, she does acknowledge it is unlikely to happen.

Since leaving EA, Hennig has been hard at work starting her own independent studio. The goal is to keep it small with no more than fifteen people. She’s also interested in doing some VR stuff.