Astro Shows Appreciation to Fans with Two New Headsets

Astro is a major player in the e-sports community with its top-of-the-line headsets. It prides itself as the leader of the $200+ price range of headsets. Their setup generally comes with a separate mix amp for tuning audio. Recently, the company showed off the two new headsets they are bringing to the table. They aren’t necessarily new when it comes to technology, but more or less two pieces of hardware that fans will appreciate.

What sets the company apart from the rest is the ability to mod its headsets. Different speaker cuffs can be swapped out as one can define the look they desire. While Astro allows this on this revamped headset they unveiled, one might appreciate the original design. To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the A40, Astro is releasing the Anniversary A40 TR X-Edition. This is the same great headset but with nods to gaming from ten years ago. The company believes this is something worth celebrating. “It’s unlikely that a gaming headset is top of the line for ten years,” stated the Astro representative. “We wanted to go back to our roots. Halo and Gears of War is where we started. The Anniversary Edition includes special edition badging, allows for mod kits, and will launch in September for $150. It’s not new technology, but it gives fans something to celebrate with.”

The price of the headset does not include the amp. If fans that have the original are looking for a new headset or to show off their roots, this will be the headset to go with. The A40 is prided as having the best comfort, build quality and audio quality blended together for the price. The A40 TR X-Edition will carry everything over from the traditional A40 at a reasonable price.

The Astro A40 TR X-Edition will celebrate the tenth anniversary of the A40 Headset

Astro has also lined up a partnership with Nintendo. At the event, their glass case contained such Nintendo garb including a Power Glove and a Mario Hat. The first thing that Astro is unveiling is the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild A10 Headset. This headset is based on the A10 chassis. It includes premium materials for a price of under $100. This is the first branded fully licensed headset with Nintendo. This headset does not allow for mod kits, but features comfort, durability and supreme audio quality. The goal was to trim the fat of the cost and invest on the things that matter.

The team mentions that the headset was fun to design for. The Astro rep mentioned, “We wanted a headset that looked prestine, looked premium and felt high quality while making the Zelda design not to be overbearing. It’s tastefully done and we wanted the headset to have a similar feel to the game. The focus is on exploration and we wanted the headset to mimic that. The profile is slick black and contains little accents that aren’t easily apparent to the eyes. Digging deeper reveals other touches and the Astro logos are black on black with minimal branding.”

Astro will include Nintendo mod kits as part of its partnership with Nintendo

The A10 does a good job of achieving the comfort and design the company was looking for. It isn’t overbearing as little touches such as the tri-force can be seen while grazing over the headset. The light needs to hit certain spots to appreciate its depth. Astro will also have other Nintendo themed mods down the road. This headset will not launch until the Holiday 2018 season.

Check out the trailer below for the A40 TR X-Edition: